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China World Fruit & Vegetable Trade Fair - 2013

China World Fruit & Vegetable Trade Fair

Category: Food & Beverage 
Location: China > Beijing
Venue: Beijin Exhibition Centre
Date: 28 - 30 November 2013



China World Fruit and Vegetable Trade Fair will be a three day event and it will be held in China. Product promotion, business to business matching, networking opportunity and meeting with potential clients will be some of the highlights of this show. Officials from government department, exporters, and representatives from financial institutions and professionals from agricultural sector will share the same platform and will discuss about the latest developments related to fruit and vegetable industry. Fresh vegetables and fruits, dried fruits and nuts, preserved and frozen fruits and vegetables, cooling systems, packaging and labeling devices and logistic systems are some of the important products and services which will be displayed in this event. The participants of this show will have the opportunity to establish trade relationship with probable clients.


China Fruits & Vegitables Trade Fair  2013 --


The visitor list of this show will include:

  1. Importers
  2. Exporters
  3. Cropers
  4. Traders
  5. Retailers
  6. Wholesalers
  7. Agents
  8. Supermarkets
  9. Wholesale Market
  10. Agriculture Material Company
  11. Government Department
  12. Agent Service for Customer Clearance
  13. Venture Capital Institution
  14. Financial Institution
  15. Frozen Equipment Suppliers
  16. Packing Equipment Suppliers
  17. Seed Suppliers
  18. Transport and Logistics Service
  19. Industry Association
  20. Media
  21. Industry Magazine Publisher


The exhibitor of this event will showcase the following products and services:

  1. Fresh Produce
  2. Fresh Fruits and Vegetables, Dried Fruits and Nuts, Chilled and Frozen Fruit and Vegetables, Canned and Preserved Fruit and Vegetables, Spices and Herbs, Organic Products, Seeds, Nursery Trees
  3. Planting Technique
  4. Plant Breeding, Variety Development, Cultivation Equipment Systems, Temperature Product Monitoring Systems, Pesticide, Garden Tools, Irrigation system, Green Houses, Temperature control devices and related equipment, Information System and Software Engineering
  5. Fruit and Vegetable Processing Equipment and Materials
  6. Packing Sorting Grading Machinery and Installations, Cleaning Systems, Package Materials, Labeling Systems, Barcoding, Weighing, Waxing device
  7. Inspection and Logistics
  8. Quality Control Services, Cooling Systems, refrigeration equipments, Customs Clearance Services, Transport and Logistical systems, Produce Handling and Storage, Recycling Systems, , Waste Disposal 9. Other
  9. Sales Promotion, Computer and Internet Solutions, Market Research, Statistical Services, Consultancy Press, Media, Technical Services

The exhibitor of this show will enjoy the following advantage for showcasing their products and services:

  1. Opportunity to get information about the latest policies related to fruit and vegetable industry
  2. Chance to meet with foreign delegates
  3. Platform to showcase innovative technologies and new products
  4. Scope to meet with exporters, importers and product growers

The event will present the following services to the exhibitors:

  1. WiFi connection
  2. Electricity
  3. Telecommunication service
  4. Logistic services


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