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Frequently Asked Question(s)

What is (CTB)? (CTB) is an online business profile search engine for businesses worldwide. Any business may register with us for FREE.

How do I use (CTB)? (CTB) is a business profiles search engine, so simply search for the product or service you are looking for. Alternatively, if you know the name of the business you can enter that too.

Can I email businesses listed on (CTB)?

Yes, if we have an email address for the business, there will be a link beneath the contact details that allows you to email them directly under our privacy policy standards.

How do I report incorrect data?

Incorrect telephone number or website, etc. Please contact us and provide as much information about the incorrect data as possible. We will respond to your email as soon as possible. If you are a registered member of that listing then you can simply login to your account and edit your profile.

How did my business get here?

Businesses may add themselves to the directory by registering here. If your business was not added by yourself or another person in your company, it may have been imported from a collection of information directories already published or from third party content provider.

How do I list on (CTB)?

Easy! Just click register, follow the simple step by step process, and your profile will be reviewed and verified by our team and upon approval it will be live in minutes.

Why isn't my business listed first?

Businesses appear at the top of the list based on their ranking. Ranking is determined by the amount of relevant information contained in your listing, together with your keywords. The more information relevant to the search term, the higher your ranking will be.

How can I take ownership of my business listing?

If you have found your business on (CTB) and would like to take ownership of its administration, simply open the listing and then click on the link/button title "CLAIM YOUR PROFILE" The process is fast, simple and free. A (CTB) consultant will contact you to verify that you are in fact the legitimate owner, and you will then receive an email granting you access to your business listing.

How do I edit my business details?

You can edit your business listing by simply logging in to your registered account and selecting "Edit Listing".

What keywords should I enter?

Good keywords are relevant keywords, so we encourage businesses to list their products and services. Remember the more relevant the keyword, the more likely your listing is to receive positive hits, which will potentially generate business for you.

How do I remove my business from (CTB)?

We only remove businesses from our directory if they are no longer in business. If that is the case please email us and we will remove your business from our listings. Else email us your listing removal request and our representative will contact you accordingly.


How can I remove my listing from (CTB)?


You can simply login to your account and apply for delisting. We encourage you to share the reason of removal so we definately look into it before proceedings.

What actions will be taken in case a business listing is in violation of the (CTB) policy?

We take issues concerning illegal content very seriously and will protect the rights of business owners and consumer users. If you are a business owner and you have legal grounds to object to a business listing you can notify us in writing in order for us to identify the content and take action. The following Procedure is provided for this purpose.

1. Specific identification of the location and description of the content with enough detailed information to permit (CTB) to locate the content. You should include the specific URL or URLs of the web pages where the content is located.

a) Information reasonably sufficient to allow (CTB) to contact the notifying party which may include a name, address, telephone number and email address at which the notifying party may be contacted.
b) A statement that the notifying party has a good faith belief that the content is illegal.
c) A statement that the information in the notification is accurate and that the notifying party is authorized to act on behalf of the business owner.

2. (CTB) will examine the notification for breach of our Policy, and will take one of two actions:

a) In the event that the content is found to be in breach of this Policy (CTB) will remove (or affect removal of) or modify the offending content to comply with this Policy and notify the submitter of our action
b) In the event that the content is found to be in compliance with this Policy (CTB) will notify the submitter of our finding and may penalize the submitter for submitting misleading complaints which may result in financial or legal obligation.

Is my personal information secure?

Rest assured we make every effort to ensure your security, integrity and privacy. This entails using a variety of security measures such as restricting physical access to our offices and using firewalls and secure databases to keep personal information safe from misuse, loss, unauthorised use and disclosure. Bear in mind though that nobody can guarantee total security for data transmitted over the internet.

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