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Logo Guidelines

This is a corporate identity of (CTB)

A independent institution that will continue to bring businessess and professionals to one platform and make something more then it has been before.

This corporate identity has been designed to express who we are, our recognition and what we aims for.




Logo Type

The Shield

The metallic blue 'Shield' expresses our recognition and trust among businesses worldwide.

Verified Check

The red check mark denotes verified business.

Brand Name (CTB) is our trading name, being friendlier and more accessible; in marketing contexts, we may use ‘CTB’ as a familiar shorthand.


Corporate Blue

The blue color is used to show intelligence and stability among businesses worldwide. Trust and truthfullness are other traditional aspects of blue color.

The Red Effects

Stability, security, courage, action

Please do not use any other colours than those specified here. Please do not print on any media that may not produce the colours truly.

These colours have been carefully chosen to complement the corporate identity.



Logo Usage

This is our logo. It is always to be the preferred option. For the purposes of marketing, signage and decoration, the shield will sometimes be used separately from or without the logotype.

Exclusion Zone

At all sizes there should ideally be an exclusion zone determined by the height of the ‘h’ from

Other Forms

For specific purposes, the logo may be reversed. You may need to reproduce the logo in mono. This is perfectly acceptable when no other option is available. In limited circumstances, it may also be acceptable in order to achieve creative effect.

Incorrect Uses

Do respect integrity of our logo.

Please do not upset the logo by asking it to do anything that might damage the corporate branding or corrupt it! In certain circumstances the shield may be used on its own.

Please avoid adding text or other elements within the shield except under certain circumstances.


Trade Name (Font Name)
1234567890 @£$%&?

1234567890 @£$%&?


Breaches of our corporate identity undermine our brand, If you have any further queries We encourage you to contact us so we can guide you better possible wayout for usage.

The logo must never be altered, modifi ed or recreated. Any attempt to modify or alter our logo is a violation of our brand standards.

This version updated April 2013.

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